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bus tourist line 400

There are at least three reasons why it is worth going on a trip by the line no. 400. This is, first and foremost, the historical and sightseeing route along the Royal Route. The second one is the chance to travel by an Ikarus bus. The Hungarian buses reached their depot in late 2013 for the last time and since then meeting them in the city resembles winning a lottery. We should not forget also the unique number 400 which has kept appearing and disappearing from the Warsaw public transport for 15 years.

Historical buses on line 400 - fot. L. Peczyński

Until recently, number 400 used to be awarded to a sightseeing, substitute and occasional line in the history of Warsaw buses. In 2004, line no. 400 replaced the previous sightseeing line no. 100. The buses set off from the Castle Square and reached the Culture Park in Powsin. Five years later, in connection with the repair of the W-Z Route, the Line no. 400 was started as a substitute one along the route from Bródno-Podgrodzie – Gdański bridge – Zgrupowania AK “Radosław” Roundabout. Eventually, it was transformed into the accelerated line no. 500 which has operated until today. No. 400 appeared in 2010 for the last time. The occasional line with that number was started in connection with the celebration of priest Jerzy Popiełuszko’s beatification. The believers could take line no. 400 from Underground Wilanowska to the Temple of Divine Providence.

This year, the line no. 400 is served by low-floor buses and historical Ikarus buses which have been absent from the streets of Warsaw for 6 years.

The articulated buses manufactured in Hungary carried the residents of Warsaw for 35 years. The first of them reached Warsaw in December 1978, and the last left for their depot in November 2013. We were just a few inches away in Warsaw from being carried by MAN buses. All that was thanks to... a collision. Warsaw needed long vehicles badly. In late 1978, the articulated Ikarus and MAN buses came for tests. It was almost certain the latter would travel along the streets of Warsaw. However, during the last day of the tests, a MAN driver pressed the acceleration and not a brake pedal and hit an Ikarus. The Hungarian bus could be repaired in three days. It was not even possible to import spare parts for the German one at the same time. The availability of spare parts was decisive for selecting the buses.

Line 400 route:

POWĄZKI - CM. WOJSKOWY - Powązkowska - Okopowa - Anielewicza - Miodowa - Senatorska - Wierzbowa (powrót: Moliera) - pl. Piłsudskiego - Kredytowa - Jasna - Zgoda (powrót: Szpitalna - Mazowiecka) - Krucza - Al. Jerozolimskie - pl. Trzech Krzyży - Al. Ujazdowskie - Belwederska - Sobieskiego - al. Wilanowska - Przyczółkowa - Drewny - Przekorna - POWSIN - PARK KULTURY

ATTENTION: Accelerated line, buses stop only at selected stops.

mapa of the tourist tram and bus lines

Line operates on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 22 of June to 15 of September.
A detailed timetable can be found under timetables.

The standard Warsaw ticket tariff is valid on the bus tourist line 400. The old bus (without validators) conductor service is provided by the members of the Association of Public Transport Fans in Warsaw. They stamp and mark the validity time on 20-, 75-, and 90-minute tickets. A trip with a long-term ticket (24h, 3-day, weekend, 30-, and 90-day) is possible after its previous validation in other public transport vehicles or in a metro gate.

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