IP4MaaS PROJECT – ZTM Warszawa


Logo of IP4MaaS project

The Public Transport Authority is participating in the project “Shift2Rail IP4 to support the deployment of Mobility as a Service (IP4MaaS)”.

The project is running from 1 December 2020. The duration of the project is 30 months. Its total budget is 2,507,081.25 euro, out of which the funding for tasks implemented by ZTM is 73,500 euro.

It is worth noting that the IP4MaaS project is the first undertaking of this type, which will be implemented with operators of Warsaw Public Transport – Municipal Bus Company (MZA) and Warsaw Trams (TW).

The main idea of the project is to design, develop and implement pilot actions within the framework of one of the largest programmes of this kind ever implemented in Horizon 2020. It is based on 4 pillars, which include:

For the first pillar, IP4MaaS will ensure the mapping of technology frameworks and technologies. The process is based on activities already performed and the project improves the methodology by extending it to other operators that have not been included in previous activities (e.g. airlines). The outcome of this activity will be the creation of a technology integration plan through a transparent and clear exchange of information between the actors involved in the pilot activities.

Under the second pillar, 3 committees have been established:

The third pillar collects information on the performance of technologies and the integration process. The impact assessment aims to provide information and conclusions on the implementation of pilot activities that will help future research projects and industry companies (e.g. on the culture of data exchange or on the obstacles and opportunities for implementing new services).

For the last pillar, the consortium promotes and disseminates the activities undertaken in IP4MaaS (with regard to pilot implementation, user needs, interoperability and integration requirements), also by conducting workshops and participating in various industry events (e.g. TRA conference, INNO-TRANS trade fair).

Within the IP4MaaS project, the so-called “mobility laboratories” will be created. They are to verify whether all IT solutions are really effective in increasing user satisfaction and whether they are equally accessible to all users regardless of age, gender and other characteristics (including, above all, school children, the elderly and people with disabilities). The project also involves integrating these IT solutions between different transport organisations and measuring their performance through data collection.

ZTM’s role is to participate in the “mobility laboratory”, which will take place in 2022 in Warsaw. It involves creating, implementing, verifying and evaluating the solutions implemented within the project, as well as coordinating activities in cooperation with MZA and TW. More information on the project website: https://www.ip4maas.eu/