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Revealing actionable knowledge from data to support fair women’s inclusion in transport systems (DIAMOND) project is implemented under the Horizon 2020. The funding agreement was signed in October 2018. It will be implemented between 2018 and 2021, with a project value of 2,628,408.75 euro, of which 115,000 euro is direct funding for activities implemented by the Public Transport Authority in Warsaw.

The main objective of the project is to transform data into practical knowledge for achieving a comprehensive and efficient transport system. A special methodology will help to achieve this. It will be based on disaggregated data, including the data coming from new sources. The project will also use the latest analytical and management techniques.

Existing transport systems do not take sufficient account of the physical and social characteristics of women in creating products and services and in enhancing women’s employability. Modern techniques of information collection and analysis enable the generation of practical knowledge to meet the gender needs. They will be helpful in making decisions about transport, choice of tools and planning methods.

The DIAMOND project – thanks to technological advances and innovations – will analyse real-life scenarios where these problems occur and take concrete steps to develop and integrate different transport systems. The knowledge gathered (with help of social sciences and computer science) through a set of appropriate tools will allow recommendations to be developed on how to integrate women equitably.

To prove that this is feasible, the project will enable concrete progress to be made in four real scenarios (use cases):

The project leader is the EURECAT! Foundation, based in Barcelona. The undertaking brings together 14 partners from 8 countries (France, Spain, Ireland, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, United Kingdom and Italy).

Detailed information about the project is available at www.diamond-project.eu.