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Information and tickets

  1. Where can I buy stops-based timetable and how much do they cost?
  2. Where can I return an unused ticket?
  3. Where can I return a damaged ticket which cannot be validated?
  4. Where can I get a free-of charge ticket for senior persons aged 70 years or over?
  5. Where can I re-encode my ticket from a lost personalized Warsaw City Card or from a damaged Warsaw City Card?
  6. Where do I get a travel pass to travel by the metro for a person holding a free travel entitlement?
  7. Where are ZTM Passenger Service points located?
  8. Do I have to pay extra for luggage, a stroller or a bike when traveling by public transport?
  9. Up to which age can children travel by public transport free of charge?
  10. Where can I return a ticket?
  11. Where can I get an invoice for tickets bought in a ticket vending machine?
  12. Where can I lodge a complaint in the case of technical problems when buying a ticket in a ticket vending machine?

Complaints and requests

  1. Where and how can I file a complaint against an employee of the public transport authority?
  2. Where and how can I file a complaint against the driver?

Requests for payments for travelling without a valid ticket

  1. Where can I pay the amount indicated on requests of payment?
  2. What are the time limits for paying the amount indicated in the request for payment?
  3. Do I have any discount on the amount indicated in the request for payment?
  4. Is it possible to spread the liabilities into installments?
  5. What to do to be removed from the National Debtors Register?

Appeals against request for payment and explanations

  1. Where can I file an appeal against the issued request for payment?
  2. Where should I present a seasonal personal ticket or other document entitling to discount/free of charge travel valid on the inspection day, which I did not have during the inspection?

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