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tourist lines

tram tourist line "T"

Travelling by the line T is a great idea for a holiday weekend. Historical trams ensure access to many sites of Warsaw you can spend your time in using the appealing holiday offer.

The historical line T was first started in 1996 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Warsaw as the capital of Poland. The trams started at Narutowicza square, reached Praga over Poniatowskiego bridge and returned to Ochota over Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge, and next along Marszałkowska and Filtrowa streets. However, the beginnings were not successful. There was a short circuit in the historical tram electrical system right before it entered a bridge. It could not go any further. It was connected to the line no. 22 train and pushed to Wiatraczna loop. Finally, the carriage dating back to 1908 was replaced by a younger one.

This year, line T is served by K and N carriages, including the unique 4Nj carriage nicknamed “a drill”. This carriage has been appearing on line T route for 21 years. It was manufactured in 1957 by Chorzowska Wytwórnia Konstrukcji Stalowych as the only one-directional version of 4N carriages. For this reason, its distinguishing feature was just one tram driver’s cabin and the doors on one side of the carriage. After 9-year use in Warsaw, it went to Szczecin. In mid-1990s it returned to Warsaw and underwent a major overhaul, including door “automation”. It was possible thanks to drills, the motors of which, having a characteristic sound, open and close the door.

Historical tram on the tourist line T - fot. L. Peczyński

Line T trams reach e.g. the National Museum, PGE National Stadium, Warsaw Zoo, the Old Town and the Warsaw Rising Museum.

During all summer weekends you can find a tour guide who will be telling about the city history (only in polish). You can find him in courses marked in the schedule with the letter "P".

The tourist tram route:

PL. NARUTOWICZA – Grójecka - pl. Zawiszy – Al. Jerozolimskie – rondo Waszyngtona – al. Zieleniecka – Targowa – al. Solidarności - most Śląsko-Dąbrowski – al. Solidarności – Towarowa – Grójecka – PL.  NARUTOWICZA

mapa of the tourist tram and bus lines

The detailed timetable can be found under timetables. The route operates from 22 of June to 15 of September.

The standard Warsaw ticket tariff is valid on the tram tourist line T. The conductor service is provided by the members of the Association of Public Transport Fans in Warsaw. They stamp and mark the validity time on 20-, 75-, and 90-minute tickets. A trip with a long-term ticket (24h, 3-day, weekend, 30-, and 90-day) is possible after its previous validation in other public transport vehicles or in a metro gate.

tram type 4Nj - fot. L. Peczyńskitram type K - fot. L. Peczyńskitram type K - fot. L. Peczyński

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