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tram tourist line 36

We would like to encourage you to travel by line no. 36 trams. First, you can use it to reach many attractive sites in Warsaw, including, for the first time in the history of historical and sightseeing tram lines, the beautiful and green Żoliborz district. Secondly, you can travel by trams 13N nicknamed “sausages” which have been absent from the railroad in Warsaw since 2012.

Trams line 36 served Żoliborz for half a century, from 1961 to 2011. They set off in late 1961 when the new tram line to Marymont was handed over for use, going from Wilsona square (called Komuny Paryskiej square those days), along Mickiewicza Street to the crossroads with Potocka Street. It was there that the new terminal stop Marymont-Potok was built. Initially, 36 connected Marymont with Śródmieście district. Over time, the line was extended southwards to serve also Czerniaków and Sadyba. In 1973, after the tram loop to Wilanów was liquidated, 36 line trams started to reach Wyścigi loop. The routes of tram lines connecting Żoliborz with Śródmieście, along Marszałkowska and Andersa Streets were affected significantly by closing the flyover at Gdański Station in 2008. Line 36 was directed along aleja Jana Pawła II to Underground station Młociny loop. In 2010, the line operation was suspended because of railroad works in Marszałkowska and Puławska Streets, and one year later it was liquidated.

Line 36, served by historical 13N, “sausage” trams and still used 105Na, “aquariums”, can be used as a sightseeing line, from the windows of which you can admire e.g. the picturesque Filtrowa Street, Marszałkowska Street with the social-realistic Marszałkowska Housing District, as well as green Żoliborz with its modernist architecture.

Historical tram on line 36 - fot. L. Peczyński

Trams will take you also e.g. to the historical Filter Station Compound, Palace of Culture and Science, Saxon Garden and PAST building, being the subject of fierce fights during the Warsaw Rising.

The tram route:

PL. NARUTOWICZA – Filtrowa - Nowowiejska - pl. Zbawiciela - Marszałkowska - Andersa - Mickiewicza - pl. Wilsona - Słowackiego - METRO MARYMONT

mapa of the tourist tram and bus lines

The detailed timetable can be found under timetables. The route operates on saturdays, sundays and holidays from 1 of May to 15 of September.

The standard Warsaw ticket tariff is valid on the tram tourist line 36. The old tram (without validators) conductor service is provided by the members of the Association of Public Transport Fans in Warsaw. They stamp and mark the validity time on 20-, 75-, and 90-minute tickets. A trip with a long-term ticket (24h, 3-day, weekend, 30-, and 90-day) is possible after its previous validation in other public transport vehicles or in a metro gate.

tram type 102N - fot. L. Peczyńskitram type 13N - fot. L. Peczyńskitram type 105Na - fot. L. Peczyński

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