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Line no. 100 is an offer for those of you who like watching the city from behind the bus window and also appreciate historical vehicles which used to travel along the streets of Warsaw every day. One trip by the “one hundred” bus will take you for more than half an hour along the nooks of Warsaw onboard of a Jelcz (nicknamed “cucumber”) or Berliet bus.

Zabytkowy autobus linii 100 - fot. L. Peczyński

The “one hundred” bus returned to the streets of Warsaw last year, following a few years’ break. Line no. 100 appeared in 1949 when it replaced the line O going round the Śródmieście district. The unique nature of the “one hundred” line was attributable to its two options, i.e. 100P and 100L, i.e. clockwise and anti-clockwise. The line started and finished its trips at Unii Lubelskiej square. It was liquidated in 1979. It was reborn in 2001 as a one-directional line. The buses set off from the Castle Square and returned to the starting point once they went round the Śródmieście district. The new aspect was the MAN double-decker brought from Berlin used to serve it. In 2004, the line no. 100 was replaced by line no. 400 which went between the Castle Square and the Culture Park in Powsin. The decision to reactivate the line no. 100 was made again in 2007. Traditionally, it went round the Śródmieście district and finished its route at the Castle Square. It set off in 2009 for the first time.

Last year, line no. 100 buses appeared in the streets of Warsaw again. They started in the centre, reached Żoliborz, went along the Vistula river to Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge which they used to cross the river to Praga, returned to the left-bank part of the city over Świętokrzyski bridge and then to the starting point along the Royal Route.

Bus 100 route:

PL. ZAMKOWY – Podwale – pl. Krasińskich – Wybrzeże Gdańskie – most Śląsko-Dąbrowski – Wybrzeże Szczecińskie – most Poniatowskiego –  Al. Ujazdowskie – pl. Unii Lubelskiej – Koszykowa – Towarowa – Grzybowska –  al. Jana Pawła II – Senatorska – PL. ZAMKOWY

mapa of the tourist tram and bus lines

Line operates on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 22 of June to 15 of September.
A detailed timetable can be found under timetables.

This year, the “one hundred” bus starts and finishes its route at the Castle Square, just as it did 18 years ago. The transport from the past is reminded also by the “cucumber” and Berliet buses used to serve it.

The standard Warsaw ticket tariff is valid on the bus tourist line 100. The conductor service is provided by the members of the Association of Public Transport Fans in Warsaw. They stamp and mark the validity time on 20-, 75-, and 90-minute tickets. A trip with a long-term ticket (24h, 3-day, weekend, 30-, and 90-day) is possible after its previous validation in other public transport vehicles or in a metro gate.

Jelcz PR100 - fot. L. PeczyńskiJelcz PR100 - fot. L. PeczyńskiJelcz PR100 - fot. L. PeczyńskiJelcz 272 Mex - fot. L. PeczyńskiJelcz 272 Mex - fot. L. PeczyńskiJelcz 272 Mex - fot. L. Peczyński

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