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fares and payments

about sales network

ZTM sales network includes:







Purchase of one-way tickets in vehicles – sale by vehicle drivers

Ticket sale in vehicles is carried out on specific conditions, as set out in the Terms and Conditions of transportation

In buses and trams, a passenger can purchase a one-way ticket from the vehicle driver only while the vehicle is at the bus stop.

  • In case of vehicle delay of more than three minutes with respect to the timetable the vehicle driver may refuse to sell tickets.
  • The passenger shall prepare the exact amount of the ticket (without the need to give the change back by the vehicle driver).
  • The purchased ticket shall be immediately punched at the nearest ticket puncher – the punched ticket is the only evidence of paid fare.
  • The lack of possibility to purchase the ticket from the vehicle staff, being only a complementary to the stationary sale network, does not exempt the passenger from the liability of fare with a valid ticket.



Ticket machines in vehicles

Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego develops a ticket machine network. At the time it includes all buses, trams and trains delivered since the year 2009. Soon ticket machines will appear in following vehicles.

The Public Transport Authority gradually develops a network of ticket vending machines on board of its vehicles. As for now they have been installed on board of all SKM trains, in new trams and many buses, including vehicles operating on line 175 which runs to the Chopin Airport.

Remember! If the passenger is unable to buy a ticket from a ticket vending machine or from the vehicle staff he/she is not exempted from the liability for traveling without a valid ticket. Ticket sales on board of vehicles is only complementary service to the fixed network of ticket sale points.

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