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tram tourist line "T"

Squeals on bends, characteristic gong warning passengers, conductor validating your tickets – they are the inherent elements of the tourist line "T". This memorable retro style ride visits places connected with Warsaw history, for example the President Narutowicz Monument, the Palace of Culture and Science, socrealistic architecture of MDM or the Warsaw Filters complex and a charming panorama of the Old Town seen from the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge.

This year Warsaw Trams are celebrating the 110th anniversary of electrification, and the tourist line is an interesting supplement to the offer of Warsaw Tourist Lines.

Historical tram on the tourist line T

The tourist tram route:

PL. NARUTOWICZA – Grójecka - pl. Zawiszy – Al. Jerozolimskie – rondo Waszyngtona – al. Zieleniecka – Targowa – al. Solidarności - most Śląsko-Dąbrowski – al. Solidarności – pl. Bankowy – Marszałkowska – pl. Zbawiciela – Nowowiejska – Filtrowa – PL.  NARUTOWICZA

Map of the 100 and T lines

During all summer weekends you can find a tour guide who will be telling about the city history (only in polish). You can find him in courses marked in the schedule with the letter "P". During this season there will be also possibilities to ride a special Warsaw Promotional Tram, where the retro-style combines with modern technology. Due to the smaller capacity of this tram (sitting places only), we suggest to start the trip from the first stop.

The detailed timetable can be found under timetables. The route operates to 2 of September.

The standard Warsaw ticket tariff is valid on the tram tourist line "T". The conductor service is provided by the members of the Association of Public Transport Fans in Warsaw. They stamp and mark the validity time on 20-, 75-, and 90-minute tickets. A trip with a long-term ticket (24h, 3-day, weekend, 30-, and 90-day) is possible after its previous validation in other public transport vehicles or in a metro gate.

promotional trampromotional tramtram type Lw - fot. L. Peczyńskitram type 102N - fot. L. Peczyńskitram type 105Na - fot. L. Peczyńskitram type 4N - fot. L. Peczyńskitram type 13N - fot. L. Peczyński

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