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regulations of P&R parkings


Regulations for car parks operating under
the Park & Ride system in the capital city
of Warsaw

Article 1

1. These Regulations governs the rules of using car parks operating under the Park & Ride system in the capital city of Warsaw hereinafter referred to as "Car parks", administered by the budget entity of the capital city of  Warsaw under the name Public Transport Authority - hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator."

2. The Car park is a public and unguarded facility.

Article 2

In the meaning of these Regulations:

1)    The vehicle is understood as the means of transport used for moving on the road and the machine or a device adapted to such moving;

2)    The Car park user is a natural person actually using the Car park (the person who drives a vehicle ) or the vehicle owner. Should the possibility of establishing the identity of the vehicle driver prove to be impossible, the user shall be considered the person driving a vehicle at the moment of leaving the Car park;

3)    The parking place is an allocated area on the Car park premises designated for vehicle parking.

Article 3

1. Entering the premises of the Car park denotes concluding the agreement with the capital city of Warsaw by the user to lease a parking place under the conditions referred to in these Regulations.

  1. Each vehicle user, upon entering the premises of the Car park, acknowledges the conditions of these Regulations and commits themselves to observe their provisions.
  2. The agreement to lease a parking place expires upon leaving the premises of the Car park or upon ending of the Parking Day defined in Art. 5(1).

4. The application of provisions of Art. 674 of the Civil Code is excluded from using the Car park.

Article 4

1. The Car park is open for 7 days a week between 4:30 AM and 2:30 AM with daily Car park maintenance break between 2:30 AM and 4:30 AM with the exception of holidays defined in Art. 1(1) of the Act on holidays of January 18, 1951 (Dz. U. of 1951 No. 4, Item 28 as amended).

2.  Tho opening hours or days other than specifies in paragraph 1 are decided upon by the Administrator.

  1. In the particularly justified cases, the Administrator may decide to temporarily exclude the Car park from use or change the Car park opening hours.

Article 5

1. The Parking Day is understood as the period of time between 4:30 AM and 2:30 AM of the following day or defined on the basis of Art. 4(2) or Art. 4(3).

2.  Outside of the Parking Day, the vehicles are prohibited to park on the Car park premises.

3.  The prohibition referred to in paragraph 2 does not concern:

1)    bicycles if parking time does not exceed 48 hours;

2)    Car park staff vehicles.

Article 6

1. The premises of the Car park are governed by the traffic regulations defined by the Act of June 20, 1997 - Traffic Law Act (Dz. U. of 2005 No. 108, Item 908 as amended).

  1. It is forbidden to park vehicles outside designated parking places.

3.  Upon placing the vehicle on the parking place, it should be immobilized, the ignition and the lights should be switched off, the windows, doors and the trunk should be closed; the used is obliged to switch off any radio transmitting devices in the vehicle.

4.  Parking the bicycles is allowed solely in specially designated places.

Article 7

1. The used is held responsible for any damage caused by the vehicle or resulting from using the parking place, in particular contaminating the Car park area as a result of vehicle fluid spills (oil spill, brake fluid spill, radiator fluid spill etc.)

2.  The user is responsible for anti-theft protection of their vehicle.

3.  The capital city of Warsaw shall not be held responsible for and damage resulting from theft (break-in, assault, etc.) robbery, destruction or damaging the vehicles which are on the Car park premises as well as object left in them or constituting their accessories.

4.  No motor or parking insurance claim responsibility concerning vehicles and Car park users shall be held by the capital city of Warsaw.

Article 8

1. The user is obliged to pay the parking fee in the amount specified in the fees and fines schedule which constitutes Annex No. 1 to these Regulations.

  1. The control of observing the conditions of the parking place lease agreement is made upon leaving the Car park in the control zone. The manner of controlling the privileges shall be determined by the Managing Director of the Public Transport Authority.
  2. Should the provisions of these regulations be breached, the user is obliged to pay towards the capital city of Warsaw a contractual fine in the amount determined in the fees and fines schedule which constitutes Annex No. 1 to these Regulations.

Article 9

On the Car park premises it is forbidden to:

1)    smoke tobacco;

2)    drink alcohol;

3)    stay on the Car park premises unless it is connected with leaving the Car park after parking the vehicle or approaching the parked vehicle in order to leave the Car park;

4)    litter;

5)    repair, wash, vacuum and fill the vehicles;

6)    use open fire sources;

7)    act against the work safety and fire prevention regulations;

8)    behave or act against the community life norms or disturb using the Car park;

9)    leave animals in the vehicles parked on the parking places.


Article 10

1. Should the user breach any provisions of these Regulations, the capital city of Warsaw may exercise any means necessary to restore the conditions stipulated by the Regulations including removal of the vehicle from the Car park.

2. In the cases determined in paragraph 1, the user is obliged to cover the expenses connected with removing the vehicle from the Car park and its securing and storing until it is recovered by the owner.

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